Friday, 13 June 2014

Livin' The Dream...

Hey Sue,

Well you have a new little man in your life: Griffin Herbert Terence Adair, truly amazing!!! (Love the name BTW.)
A massive congratulations and well done to you and Ry for some quality baby making. We should all welcome such a happy little soul into the world, just look at that SMILE!!! Can't wait for more baby updates...

While you've been doing the hard but rewarding job of bringing a new life into the world, I've continued to lounge around in Beautiful British Columbia. Over the weekend Charlie and I had the really great fortune to hang out with a super lovely bunch of people; the Reid/Penner/Bedo/Kohut Clan.  

Somewhere out there in the Kootenay wilderness, northeast of my current location and just outside of Nelson there hides the tiny community of Blewett (basically a fire hall and a row of post boxes). Drive a little deeper through the trees and down a gravel road and you'll find a special kind of paradise. It's not for everyone but if you ask this lot it's pretty much like livin' the dream.
I would tend to agree. 

This serene backwoods bit of land holds several properties. One is the shared residence, and music studio, of Jenn Reid, Cam Penner, their 2.5 yr old daughter Odessa and Barney the dog. The other residence belongs to Sarah Bedo, Darryl Kohut, their dog Guinness, Fuzzy and Billy the cats. 

Friends first, then neighbours, their dream started while living in the big smoke and not too many years later they have built a home and formed a little community in a truly magnificent place.


Charlie and I had a great time!!!
Odessa very kindly shared her toys with Charlie, like this tent that Cam (aka Papa) and Odessa made. 


I was absolutely loving the crocheted food, plants and animals that Jenn's mom crafted for Odessa. Beats anything I've ever seen on Etsy!!!

After the kids went to bed (Charlie slept straight through the night!!!) we sat up till the wee hours havin' the craic, under the stars. I was drinking Nelson Brewing Company's Organic Ginger Beer (YUM). Suprisingly I managed to wake up early to a beautiful dawn and virtually no fuzzy head. Sarah made pancakes for breakfast and we ate them in the sun beside her beautiful garden. I could most definately see myself livin' this dream, I wonder if they're looking for a few new neighbours???

On the way back to my sisters house Charlie and I hit the Taghum Beach as it was recommended by the guys. Couldn't have asked for a better ending to a great weekend. Well there was that smile on wee Avery's face after my return from our night apart... Thanks to my Mom (aka Grandma Bernice) for being such a great babysitter...

Watch out next week for a little thrifting update...

Alison xoxo


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