Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hey Ali !

As of this weekend I am going to be 36 weeks pregnant. OMG. Definitely the start of a new chapter and one that I am excited to share on our new blog ! 

I have been slowly collecting stuff and dreaming up ideas for decorating the little guy's room (the toys and colour pallet above are my current inspiration).
One of the awesome instagramers that I follow has also inspired me with the way she designed her son's room, click HERE to check out her feed. I think the wallpaper and the lions are amazing !!

As for the bigger items, we are pretty much set. Although, I would like to paint a set shelves and the change table a funky yellow. Also, I am on the hunt for a really cool rug to make the room feel cosy. Click HERE to see a sweet rug that only in my wildest dreams I would call mine! Everyone has one of those right?

The little toys above, I found at a thrift shop. The lady working there gave me the yellow moccasins for good luck. How cute is that ?!  I also have my eyes on some other little mocks, click  HERE to see them! So so cute, for little dudes or little girls.

I will keep you posted on the progress and send you pictures when I am done!



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