Friday, 16 May 2014


Hey Sue,

Well look at us, blogging away, finally after all our talking about it.

Congratulations also on your 36 week landmark. Absolutely loving your nursery colour scheme, I'll keep on the lookout for some baby treasures that will fit right in.

Getting ready for this blog has kinda been like packing for a trip with 2 kids. You start off with an idea of what you should or would like to bring, probably way too much, and eventually you break it down to the bare essentials, along with a few necessary luxuries. 

Keep it simple right? Cause who wants to be lugging a ton of baggage round an airport with 2 screaming kids? 
Certainly not I... 

I think thats how I'm gonna look at this blog, like if you had to choose only 3 outfits for a month's trip, which ones would you choose?

Less is more.
Quality over quantity.
Lessons for life.

Next Wednesday I'm travelling home to Canada for 6 weeks and the packing dilemma is oh so real. What do ya think of my trial pack? (CHAOS!!!) 




  1. Taking just the one bag has long gone!! Looking at the picture i have a few things that you do including the Fox bag. Have fun on your trip x x