Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Great Canadian Adventure...

Hey Sue,

Well it's finally here, the morning of the day that our several thousand mile journey begins (kilometres in Canada). Our bags are packed, my list has been checked and double checked and if we've forgot something I hope its not important. 

Travelling home to Canada is something I've been doing nearly every year since I've been in Belfast. The journey home has always been a long but tolerable one on my own (never been a great flyer), but it's a massive undertaking with 2 small kids and all the STUFF that comes with them. Long gone are the days of packing light!!!

But it's worth it, seeing my family and getting back to the homeland are what make it so. As Charlie and Avery get older I hope they learn to love and appreciate the Canadian side of themselves as much as their Northern Irish side. As a true Canadian, I can't very well have Belfast winning over now can I? How could it compare to our great outdoors, our open roads, our Tim Hortons and our thrifting heaven (garage sales, yard sales, church sales, second hand stores and the local "free box"). Watch this space, I will be on the hunt for a bargain, or 2, to bring back in my 23kg x 3 baggage allowance. There are some perks when travelling with kids!!!

Anyway I'll be off the grid until next Tuesday, literally as my dad has no internet and a really weak phone signal, but I'll have plenty to report when I'm back online. Heres hoping it all goes well and that the kids stay happy and don't turn into grumpy little bear cubs!!!

Alison xoxo   

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