Friday, 23 May 2014

Summer Daze ......

Hey Ali,

I am so excited about your trip home, It is going to be amazing !! Lakes, BBQ's, feet on the dashboard ...  Dreamy.

The weather in Geneva has been beautiful lately and I have been living in the black maxi pictured above (I might have even slept in it a couple of times !). Ry snapped a few photos of me in it a couple of  weeks ago, at the park across from our apartment. It is cool, comfortable and very forgiving. In these last months of my pregnancy I have developed a major aversion to wearing jeans! Oh, found it at H&M and it is still in stores, in case you were wondering...

The shoes I am wearing are from Urban Outfitters in Belfast, the ones I bought during our shopping spree! So much fun. I have been loving them because they have a super chunky heal and are so comfy!  Admittedly, I have not been able to wear them that much lately (my feet are pretty swollen). As a result, I am thinking about jumping back on the Birkenstock band wagon. They really do have a special spot in my heart, remember when that was all we used to wear? Good old Birks. I couldn't be happier that they are back in. I have my eyes on these Free People Birkenstocks, they are pretty amaze right ?!

Anyways,  can't wait to hear all about your trip home and see all the sweet second hand treasures you find, please hit up a couple of garage sales for me !! 



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  1. I was so excited to come across your new blog! It is such a splendid idea to share your lives through this format ! The colour palette is both playful and joyful! What little baby would not love to wake up to these vibrant colors each day?I share your love for thrifting!(great finds) You look stunning in the black maxi dress! I visited Geneva a couple of years ago . It is such a beautiful city! I believe I recognize the historic home in the photo. is it located next to the Hotel des Eaux-Vives? As I remember it is a sprawling park overlooking the lake.Enjoy!!