Thursday, 29 May 2014

As the crow flies...

Hey Sue,

We've had a busy week, here's where we've been so far...
•Belfast City BHD
•London Heathrow LHR
•Calgary YYC
•James River / middle of nowhere, AB
•Highway 22 - Trans Canada Highway
•West through the Rockies to BC
•Field - Rogers Pass - Revelstoke
•Galena Bay 
•Ferry crossing the Upper Arrow Lakes
•Nakusp - Slocan Valley

It's been 4300 miles as the crow flies. 
My little travel companions and I have flown across 2 continents, 1 massive ocean and driven across 2 provinces and 1 mountain range. It's not all been easy, I was that person with the screaming kids on the crowded airplane, but what an incredible adventure so far. I'll be posting loads of snaps on my Instagram so be sure to check it out!!!

Thankfully no ones been carsick, yet, and now that we've stopped for a while I've got the whole month of June to spend with my peeps ❤️ enjoying this beautiful part of the world. Bring on the summer!!!
As for your black maxi dress Sue, it's a winner and your one hot pregnant lady wearing it. As for your swollen ankles, I think you should jump right on that Birkenstock bandwagon, I've been wearing mine non stop on this holiday so far. A dream for your feet and for a limited time only this current "normcore" anti fashion trend permits the wearing of socks with your Birks. Although the socks and sandals trend has been going strong in BC for a least 20 years now.

You just can't beat good footwear and I ❤️ my holiday selection - my Blundstone 068's, Nike Free Run's and my Birkenstock Arizonas. I'm ready for anything!!! Alison xoxoxo

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