Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cheese Dreams

Hey Ali,
Happy Saturday! Your trip sounds like it has been an awesome adventure so far. I can't even believe all of the places you have visited already. I bet those hot springs were amazing. What a dream. Also - you are one tough lady travelling all that way with two small children, way to go momma. Speaking of mommas, mine is visiting from Canada right now and it is so cool to have her here !
We have been pretty busy getting ready for this little baby (38 weeks today !!) Crazy right?! We took a break from it all on Thursday and went day trippin' to Gruyeres, a really cute medieval town a short drive from Geneva. As you can imagine, it is famous for Gruyere cheese. Yum. We walked around a little and had a huge fondue for lunch! It was delicious. Here are some pics from the day, photo cred goes to Ry Adair.

Hope you have a sweet weekend.



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  1. Happy to have found your new post! Made my day!! Ali I admire your spirit to make that long journey with your little family! Enjoy!! Sue you look absolutely gorgeous!You sure do know how to rock those maxi dresses!! I am so pleased to hear your Momma is there with you! It is wonderful that you have thought to include your Momma in your up coming event! She must be thrilled! Best wishes !i will be waiting for an update.