Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Something in the air...

Hey Sue,
Loving the day trippin' photos of you and your Mom. Gruyeres look AMAZING!!! Those skies, and that cheese fondue, dreamy...
Everywhere I look I can't help but see the sky. I know that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say because it seems like such an obvious fact but it's these beautiful summer skies. I can't get enough of them and keep snapping photos of skies whenever I get the chance. Currently out here in BC the skies are hot and blue and laden with big cotton wool clouds churning away into thunderstorms. Its electric.


I am absolutely loving my trip so far. Hanging out with my family, spending most of the day outside, playing with the kids, good quality time in the sun, eating, drinking wine, chillaxing...LOVE LOVE LOVE and happiness all round.  You just can't beat that kind of joy!!! 

I've been staying at my little sister Jenn's new house in Trail, BC. It's a super cute little place. She has barely been settled in long enough to really put her mark on it but it still feels like a home.
One of the design features that I love and have had my eye on for a while are her air plants. Known as Tillandsia they are a little plant that needs no soil and thrives on neglect. Sounds great and means you can display them in some really cool ways - like these hanging terrariums. Jenn displays her air plants in some little vintage glass jars but the possibilities are endless. I'll definitely be looking into these beauties when I get back to Belfast.


One of the many reasons I love this part of the world are the thrift stores. The Salvation Army (better known as the 'Sally Ann') in Trail is an especially good treasure trove of amazingness. My mom, the kids and I managed a little visit there today and it will not be my last. I nabbed a few gems but I'll save that for another post.
Can't wait to hear your baby news my friend, exciting times ahead, I can feel it, there's something in the air...
Alison xoxo


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