Friday, 20 June 2014

Rainy Day Pursuits...

Hey Sue,

While you've been enjoying the Park Life with baby Griffy, the Kootenays took a turn for the Irish and we got rain. It was the first time in 3 weeks that I wasn't wearing shorts and it was an opportunity to get stuck into some indoor pursuits. My sister and I have been hitting the garage sales and the second hand stores hard, here's a few of our finds...

You just can't beat a wilderness scene painted on black velvet. Unfortunately for me I am unable to bring any big items for the house home but I can certainly make room for some soft furnishings like this crocheted afghan blanket...

I have also been finding some great kids items for Avery, not all of it fits now but I can't wait until it does. My sister Rhonda and I had a great day in Nelson on Monday and found this amazing place called The Positive Apparel Thrift Store. I found a few real treasures; like the red overalls with the hippy/90's/Guatemalan stitching, the bright pink cord Osh Kosh B'Gosh overall dress and the bee outfit, which kinda reminds me of the dancing girl in that Blind Melon video "No Rain".
It'll be a perfect Halloween costume for Avery.

Oh and I can't forget this super cute hand me down t-shirt of a Dinosaur and a Giraffe hugging, a gift from Odessa, modelled by the curliest little scallywag I know, my niece Anna... 

This place is amazing, the Kootenays have revealed a treasure trove of thrifty wonders and hidden gems and its all cheap, cheap, cheap!!!
If vintage finds are what your after and your geography is more UK then Canada you should check out my friend Linda's blog Hey! Homewrecker.  
I only have one week left out here in British Columbia, its nearly the first day of summer and thankfully the sun has finally come out with a vengeance. Even better the kids have all gone down for a nap so I'm gonna sign off and catch some rays in the back yard with a cold one. HEAVEN!!
Love Alison xo


  1. Sounds amazing Alison! I'm loving your blog! we've been enjoying some sunshine here too! xxx

  2. Awesome thrift shop finds!! Thanks for the Hey Homewrecker link!!