Tuesday, 24 June 2014

To Market To Market

Hi Ali,

Happy Tuesday! You definitely found some cool stuff while treasure hunting on your holiday. One thing that I seriously miss about Canada are the garage sales and the thrift stores. It's all about the smell of old furnishings, the promise of something great at the bottom of a "free box" and the adrenalin rush when a sweet find is uncovered. Geneva has an awesome flea market held every Wednesday and Saturday in a square near the university. There are plenty of mystery boxes to be searched and deals to be had, it helps to quench my thirst for thrifting. Above are a few items I bought on the weekend, nothing like a few great finds to brighten up a regular old Saturday! Below are some photos of the market. It really is very cool and one of my favourite places to hang out in Geneva.

I love a good flea market. Checking out new markets when travelling is one of my favorite things to do. The best one I have ever discovered was Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. On Monday mornings it is an absolute second hand paradise. A close second is The Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles. It is held at Fairfax high school and is one of the coolest markets around. I have always wanted to go to The Rose Bowl Flea Market (also in California), from what I have heard it is huge and is the absolute bomb! Hopefully one day I can check it off my list. I hope you have a wonderful last week with your family and a safe flight home. I will be thinking of you.

miss you lots.

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  1. Great finds! Those bowls, in the lower right hand corner, are amazing. I love the use of graffiti at the Geneva flea market - fun!