Thursday, 10 July 2014

Little Monday

Hey Sue,

Well it's been 2 Mondays since I left British Columbia for Alberta, it's been 1 Monday since the little'uns and I arrived back in Belfast and somewhere in between all that I was lucky enough to pay a little visit to the Little Monday Cafe in Calgary. 

Johanna and McKenzie

Discussing important cafe' stuff...

That's right, our dear old pal Johanna has gone ahead and opened herself a cafe. I am loving her entrepreneurial spirit, but not half as much as the turkey Reuben on rye she made me for lunch. Topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing it was a winner with me and Charlie. I could have left it at that and been satisfied but I went out with a bang, Little Monday's famous s'more brownie (part s'more, part brownie, add campfire!!!) and to top it off, and bring it all back home I had a good ole cup o' Joe - fresh roasted Roasterie goodness (all you Calgarians out there will know what I mean!!!) 

Small and mighty with a quirky style, friendly staff with well groomed facial hair and a down to earth DIY approach, what more could you ask of a coffee shop? If you can visit Little Monday (3401 Spruce Drive SW, Calgary) you should!!!

As for me, Mondays will soon be taking on a new meaning. In just 2 Mondays I will be rejoining the other working world. The enormity of this task hasn't quite hit me yet and when it does I will probably be needing a lot of coffee to get me through it. But sure that's why coffee was invented right, to make Mondays little again...

Alison xo

Charlie's hard day at the office - Not to worry, I don't actually feed my kids coffee... 

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