Monday, 14 July 2014

Thumbs up. Peace.

Hey Ali, happy Monday!

How are you?! Everything is great here although I am sad to report that my mum (instalyla) has headed back to Canada. We could not have been more grateful to have her here with us. We had so much fun and we will be forever thankful for the care she took of us while we were transitioning into parenthood!! She supported us, loved us and taught us how to take care of little baby Griffy.

Before Griffin was born we took the train to Paris for a weekend. We had a such an awesome time. These photos were taken as we walked along the Seine from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower (a very chill way to spend an afternoon in Paris, while taking in many of the cool sights). Our top three favourites of the weekend were: Cafe Pinson for vegetarian eats, Merci for shopping and Chez Prune for drinks. For some reason every time Ry took a photo of us we would make a thumbs up and a peace sign with our hands. I am not sure why, but some how it became the motto of our trip and has stuck with us ever since.

I love the photo's you took at little Monday cafe. What a cool spot to hang. 
Good Luck with preparing to go back to work, I am thinking of you.

Thumbs up. Peace.


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