Friday, 1 August 2014

Back to porridge.

Hi Sue,

Thumbs up, peace and love back at ya ❤️. Sorry it's been so long since my last post but "wo-man" have I been busy!!!
 There's a saying over here in Northern Ireland, "Back to Porridge" which is a totally 'Norn Irish' way of saying "back to work". And after 39 weeks of maternity leave, getting back to porridge is exactly what I've been at these past few weeks. 

No matter how many times I've done it (twice, but whose counting) my return to the working world feels very overwhelming and will take much getting used too. Having the kiddies in a great day nursery, some military like planning and an early night when I can is half the battle won. The rest depends on a few wee essentials and my daily cycle to work on the Pashley Princess SovereignThere is no better way to set yourself up for a good day and shed some pesky post baby weight then a good brisk bike ride in the sunshine (or rain more likely).

Appropriately, I allowed myself one new item of clothing to make a girl forget that she's literally been wearing the same boring, but comfortable and easy to wash, outfit for the last 39 weeks. I chose this black and white, zig zag print kimono from Urban Outfitters because you could pretty much wear it with everything. Next, a few beauty essentials; my old faithful, Burts Beeswax honey lip balm, I never leave home without it, and the new kid in town this E.O.S lip balm in sweet mint. Essentially, my SIGG water bottle filled with fruit infused water so I don't shrivel up like a dehydrated old raisin. The Sawako Furuno helmut I bought on is a total bike essential along with my K-WAY in case it rains. A few pictures of the kids for the office helps keeps me from missing them too much,  and this ombre hair chalk  lets me have pink hair (and a whole range of other colours) without the permanent. It's so easy to put in, washes out in 2 shampoo's and leaves a really lovely ombre effect. I love it!!! 

As for today, I'm not working and the kids are home, so I think its a day to have fun cause all work and no play, as they say... Alison x

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